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Chakra Assessment & Balance

Chakra Balancing & Healing is a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of mind, body, and spirit and combining them as a unit.

Each chakra is assessed if its balanced, excessive, deficient or blockaged. The primary goal is to balance all chakras for vitality and positive energy flow.

I will arrange a suitable time to work with you remotely, in 'real-time, whereby you can create your own healing space to allow the clearing to occur. You must have a safe, uninterrupted space for 45 minutes or more to benefit from the session fully. You may fall asleep during the healing, and this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. If you are awake throughout the session, you may feel tingling, see colours, feel different sensations or begin to feel deeply relaxed.

Once I have assessed each Chakra, I will then email you with my findings as well as a detailed document, explaining what each chakra represents and how to overcome imbalances in each particular area.

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