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Linen & Room Mist - Bergamot & Patchouli

A lightweight linen and room mist to encourage relaxation at bedtime.

Bergamot provides a subtle citrus scent which is also delicately spicy. Patchouli adds a relaxing woody note.

Promotes Sleep
Encourages calm
Stops thoughts racing before bedtime

Good to know
All the sprays are Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and use natural, high quality essential oils. The spray can be used as a Room Spray or Linen spray too. 

Directions: Just before bed, spray a fine mist onto your pillow and bedding. Clear your thoughts, breathe in, and prepare to sleep deeply.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid use in case of allergy to known ingredients/oils. Do not store in direct sunlight and protect from temperature extremes. Always try a small amount on fabrics before use. Keep out of reach of children. External use only.


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