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Online 1 to 1 Breathwork Session

Conscious Connected Breathing is a self-healing technique that helps people access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being.
What makes this kind of Breathwork different?

There are many, many breathing practices in existence (mostly for regulating our inner state - calm, focus etc.). However, Conscious Connected Breathwork is very different in that it takes us deeply into our unconscious body and mind, building the energy that allows us to integrate the past, and connect to source. It takes us on a journey, into ourselves.

It can also support us to recover our repressed ability to breathe naturally, and connectedly, and release old unhelpful breathing patterns that may have become established through stress, trauma or conditioning. It is "the art of conscious connected breathing". It operates at a gentle yet very deep level which is why this kind of breathing is a therapy in its own right. This is the Breathwork I practice

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